torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Lonely miner.

Lonely miner was made for Ludum dare #22. It's game dev competition where there are strict time limit and no prizes. Competition is very popular and usually entries are really good quality if you take account the 48hour timer limit and that every content has to be done withing timeframe and by coder himself.
It was my first Ludum dare and I was planned to use that competition as motivator to do fluid simulator. I didn't worry about theme or gameplay that much.
Gameplay is pretty basic: You controll the protagonist and your mission is dig deeper and watch out the nuclear waste. Gameplay contain just moving, jumping and bombs. Main selling point here is technical aspects. Game contain fluid simulator, dynamic lights and shadows, destructable ground, physics particles and so on. Game is basically just a neat tech demo. I even made controls for Android but I didn't have time to optimize the code for mobile devices and its get too slow when screen is full of fluid.

Ludum dare is so much fun that I can warmly recommend it to everybody.

Game can be tested here:

tiistai 14. helmikuuta 2012


This was my first finished Android game. I invented original idea for Kinect but the idea needed too accurate hand tracking so that idea was deserted. I code original prototype with Slick2d in couple hours and it was totally playable and fun even back then. Project name was Kinectris. prototype applet

After couple months after that University was starting from summer break and I signed up for Game programming course. I decided to work solo and do android game. I wanted to learn all about  Android and finally give Kinectris another chance. Name evolved to Boxtris and later I renamed it Boxtrix becouse there was iOS game that have same name and similar gameplay(physic puzzle).

Gameplay is classic Tetris but with new twist. All blocks are physic object that player can rotate and move freely. Suddendly simple game is complex and hard even with really slow pace of falling blocks.
Multitouch support and intuitive controlls help with this but game is totally playble even with mouse.

Coding this game was bit tedious becouse prototype was ready so fast but for polished game I used over 300hours. Prize for my hard work was excellent grade for the course(5/5) and over ten thousand downloads

Download game here:
Or play it as applet:

Unnamed tower def game.

We started this game with three man team and my title was game desinger. We started game with slick2d but after some point we decided that we need more performance and switched to LibGDX. Team leader was Gudradain from Canada and third member was Ra4king from USA. We did have lot of fun and we writed the game code base at least five times from the scratch. After somepoint our roles did get mixed and I was graphical programmer and I also did lot of gameplay elements. Gameplay was constantly changing that caused lot of rewriting. This was mostly educational project but damn we learned a lot. With this project I finally started to grasp OpenGL and team working. Sadly we didn't have graphical designer or artist so game look a bit crappy.
We even ported game to Android but we didn't know anything about Android back then so we was just learning and testing the platfrom. Performance with all those enemies with individual pathfinding was bit lacking but not that much. Game run about  20-40fps on my Huawei depending how many enemies there is on screen. Game supported thousands of enemies same time so I was happy with that.
We tried some nice features like  individual pathfinding, spell casting and four enemy base at once. Every enemy camp have one of four basic element. Fire, water, earth and air. Each element have weak and strong points and elements can be mixed. Idea was cool but we did't nail it well enough.
You can test game prototype there:


I made this game for Slick2d game competition 2011 and it won second place.
Gameplay is unique breakout variant in surrelistic atmosphere. I really like the audiovisual outcome. Gameplay is polished but bit short.
Game use Slick2d, lwjgl, phys2d and great piano masterpiece from William Cushman's.

Test game at:
ps. You need to allow game to use native resources becouse of openGL wrapper.


This project was my first java related and I am still pretty happy about outcome. Before writing this blog post I tested a game bit and that took me over 30 minutes. Good memories.
Game is written used java2d and phys2d physic library. All graphics except car is fully  procedural and everything is rendered using primitives like lines and circles. Levels are also procedural so there is infinite levels but I have heard that game become impossible after 154:th level but haven't checked that becouse my own record is 77 and even that took me over two hours.
Most I like the smooth transition from day to night.
Gameplay is unique mix of racing and fuel efficient driving.

You can test game at here:


This blog is for my projects that I am proud of. All of these are not finished but every single one has taught me something.

Projects are in chronological order starting from early 2011. From older projects I don't have that much media or memories left. Just let say that there is lot of projects before that point but nothing that fancy to show.