tiistai 14. helmikuuta 2012

Unnamed tower def game.

We started this game with three man team and my title was game desinger. We started game with slick2d but after some point we decided that we need more performance and switched to LibGDX. Team leader was Gudradain from Canada and third member was Ra4king from USA. We did have lot of fun and we writed the game code base at least five times from the scratch. After somepoint our roles did get mixed and I was graphical programmer and I also did lot of gameplay elements. Gameplay was constantly changing that caused lot of rewriting. This was mostly educational project but damn we learned a lot. With this project I finally started to grasp OpenGL and team working. Sadly we didn't have graphical designer or artist so game look a bit crappy.
We even ported game to Android but we didn't know anything about Android back then so we was just learning and testing the platfrom. Performance with all those enemies with individual pathfinding was bit lacking but not that much. Game run about  20-40fps on my Huawei depending how many enemies there is on screen. Game supported thousands of enemies same time so I was happy with that.
We tried some nice features like  individual pathfinding, spell casting and four enemy base at once. Every enemy camp have one of four basic element. Fire, water, earth and air. Each element have weak and strong points and elements can be mixed. Idea was cool but we did't nail it well enough.
You can test game prototype there: http://www.students.tut.fi/~hamala26/def-applet/

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