torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Lonely miner.

Lonely miner was made for Ludum dare #22. It's game dev competition where there are strict time limit and no prizes. Competition is very popular and usually entries are really good quality if you take account the 48hour timer limit and that every content has to be done withing timeframe and by coder himself.
It was my first Ludum dare and I was planned to use that competition as motivator to do fluid simulator. I didn't worry about theme or gameplay that much.
Gameplay is pretty basic: You controll the protagonist and your mission is dig deeper and watch out the nuclear waste. Gameplay contain just moving, jumping and bombs. Main selling point here is technical aspects. Game contain fluid simulator, dynamic lights and shadows, destructable ground, physics particles and so on. Game is basically just a neat tech demo. I even made controls for Android but I didn't have time to optimize the code for mobile devices and its get too slow when screen is full of fluid.

Ludum dare is so much fun that I can warmly recommend it to everybody.

Game can be tested here:

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